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What To Wear to a Summer Wedding

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What To Wear to a Summer Wedding

Whether they’re outside at the beach or inside a historic venue, summer weddings are truly gorgeous celebrations to witness. However, when you’re a guest at a summer wedding, it can be nerve-wracking to put together an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident without taking attention from the bride or groom. If you’re not sure what to wear to a summer wedding, continue reading our blog to create the perfect ensemble.

Clothing: Keep It Formal

When you’ve spent all winter inside the gym working on your summer body, it can be tempting to wear a dress or suit that shows off your gains. However, we strongly advise against wearing inappropriate clothing that one might consider more revealing than formal.

While it’s perfectly fine to show off your body with pride, ensure that your wedding outfit is still conservative enough to be considered formal wear. Also, check with the bride and groom to clarify if there are religious clothing guidelines to follow for ceremonies at religious venues.

Pro Summer-Wedding Tip: In the summertime, wearing clothing that shows off skin is often the result of hot temperatures rather than stylistic choices. If you’re concerned about overheating in a conservative dress or suit, consider wearing light and flowy garments to a summer wedding. Flowy dresses are perfect for the summer season, and this design will add more personality to your wedding attire.

Jewelry: Keep It Classic

Wedding guests should never outshine the bride. That’s why it’s crucial to craft a flattering and fashionable summer wedding outfit that doesn’t distract from the ceremony. The best way to create an elegant look without garnering too much attention is to focus on classic fashion styles.

For example, jewelry is an ideal accessory to transform an ordinary dress into a sophisticated and thoughtful outfit. A well-chosen necklace or a pair of classic tennis bracelets can add a dimension of shine and sparkle to your attire without overpowering.

Best Classic Jewelry To Wear at a Wedding

  • Tennis bracelets
  • Pearl earrings
  • Pearl necklace
  • Diamond studs

Shoes: Keep It Fun

Now that you’ve decided on clothing and accessories, you can have more creative freedom with your shoes. Although it’s still essential to choose formal but not flashy footwear, comfortability is a much more critical factor. Wedding receptions are all about dancing, which means wearing sensible dancing shoes is an absolute must. If you don’t wear comfortable shoes, be ready to take your shoes off and dance barefoot all night long!

Weddings should inspire love and celebration—not fashion stress. If you’re unsure what to wear to your next summer wedding, review our guide for inspiration.

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