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5 Stunning Swimsuit Trends We’re Swooning Over

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Young woman in bikini on the beach

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to start thinking about all of the hot new swimwear trends. While you may think that what you wear on the beach should be simple, many people love to mix things up with fun prints, strappy back designs, and more. The following five swimsuit trends are currently making a splash in the fashion world. They’re versatile, cute, and perfect for any season.

A Retro Twist on Swimwear

While many people get bored with the classic swimsuits of the past and try to wear more modern and trendy styles for their beach outfits, others still love to wear established swimwear looks that they love. For example, a retro bathing suit never goes out of style, but people love wearing it with an edgier color palette for a unique twist on this classic style.

retro bikini swimsuit trends
retro bikini swimsuit trends
retro bikini swimsuit trends

High-Waisted Bikinis

High-waisted bikini bottoms are a hot trend this summer, and for good reasons. They’re perfect for showing off your curves without looking too revealing or uncomfortable, and the bottoms will help you look slimmer while you’re wearing it. People love these kinds of swimsuits because they can go with any look and any occasion that you throw at them, whether it’s a classy-casual look or a sexy boho getup.

High-waisted bikini swimsuit trends american flag
High-waisted bikini swimsuit trends leopard
High-waisted bikini swimsuit trends solid orange

Cutout Bikinis Swimsuit Trends

One of the most popular swimwear trends on Instagram this past year has been the cutout bikini. These kinds of bikinis are cute and fun, and they show off both your body and your confidence. People love to wear them for a festival or pool party, but you can also wear them in a casual way during the day if you like.

Cutout black bikini swimsuit trends
Cutout duo tone bikini swimsuit trends
Cutout multicolor bikini swimsuit trends

Cross-Back Bikinis

An interesting bikini trend that you’re going to see a lot of this year is the cross-back style. This style is a combination of a halter top and a regular strapless bikini top; the straps connect at the back of your neck, and they run down your back before connecting to the bottoms. This style is especially popular because it’s comfortable for swimming, it gives you more support, and it looks just as sexy on women with smaller breasts as it does on women with larger ones.

cross-back bikini swimsuit trends lavender lilac

cross-back bikini swimsuit trends flowers
Pink cross-back bikini swimsuit trends flowers

High-Neck Silhouettes

Another popular trend in this year’s swimsuit season is high-necked silhouettes. The high neck swimsuit trends can be any design, but it’s a fun look that has a lot of versatility, and styles look great on different types of bodies. A high-neck style is sexy but still appropriate for the pool or the beach, and you can wear one of these suits to a party without worrying that you’re revealing too much.

high neck silhouette bikini swimsuit trends black and leopard
high neck silhouette bikini swimsuit trends blue tiedye
high neck silhouette bikini swimsuit trends leopard

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