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The Best Retro Trends Back in Style

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Collection of trendy silk elastic bands scrunchies on beige background. Diy accessories

Fashion trends are a lot like the Law of Conservation of Energy. Just like energy, fashion trends can neither be created nor destroyed. However, people can transfer or alter them from one style to another. Watching old trends take on a new life in the fashion cycle can be fascinating. What was once an everyday outfit in the 90s is now a high fashion runaway look in the present day. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best retro trends back in style.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are more popular than ever. These baggy pants are emblematic of 80s and 90s fashion, but they also have new-age twists to their styling. Rips and tears paired with the classic mom jean aesthetic have risen as the new denim fad.

Gen-Z has also placed a considerable emphasis on styling these jeans with cuffed ankles and tighter tops. Regardless of how you decide to wear your mom jeans, styling any outfit with this classic denim will be an admirable look.

French Manicure

The French manicure is one of the strangest trends in fashion. For decades, almost every high school girl received this classic manicure before high school prom. French manicures were a staple aesthetic to add to any formal wear ensemble to appear chic and more sophisticated.

Then, sometime between the early 2000s and now, this manicure almost completely disappeared. Acrylic polishes changed trends and persuaded girls to opt for colorful nails rather than gel tip nails before their prom nights.

In 2021, this manicure has resurrected itself with a bold new twist. Gen-Z has popularized colorful French manicures that update this classic look. Instead of having standard white gel tips, modern French manicures feature endless arrays of bright tips that highlight nail shapes and brighten everyday looks. If you’ve missed this classic manicure, now is the time to fall back in love with it!


One of the best retro trends back in style this year is the always functional, always fashionable scrunchie. These hair ties carry an entire decade of memories for those who wore them first in the 1980s.

Gen-Z has revitalized this hair trend mainly to indulge in its functional purposes. Scrunchies are softer and less damaging to hair and create less of an indent over time. However, the bright colors and bold designs of these hair ties are also alluring. Scrunchies are simple details that you can use to personalize any outfit and blend a blast from the past into your current style.

It’s always interesting to see what trends reappear in fashion cycles and gain a new life. If you’re looking for style inspiration the next time you’re shopping, remember these retro fashion trends and accessorize your outfit with them.  

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