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The humble T-shirt features in pretty much every woman’s wardrobe. Sometimes, you wear one when you want to be comfortable and casual at home. They can also be part of a smarter and more presentable outfit if you know how to get it right. Whether you want to go for smart-casual or just plain casual, there are lots of ways that you can style a T-shirt. Your choice of T-shirt is a good place to start, with many styles to choose from. Then you can think about how to build an outfit around it. Try some of these ideas to style a T-shirt in a way that suits you.


Explore Necklines


T-shirts tend to have the same basic structure. Some of them have a bit more shape for women and sleeve length might vary a bit too. Necklines are also varied, giving you a few different options to try out. You might find that some necklines flatter you more than others. A traditional T-shirt has a fairly high neckline, which works for some but not for everyone. Some women find that high-necked T-shirts stretch awkwardly across their bust. You might prefer a deeper scoop neck shirt or perhaps a V-neck.


Make a Statement


What do you want your T-shirt to say? That doesn’t have to be a purely symbolic question. There are plenty of choices if you want a T-shirt with something written on it, and it could say just about anything. You might want to show off your love for a certain brand, like with Wrangler shirts that have the stylized name across them. Or you could wear a T-shirt for your favorite band or musician. How about a T-shirt that really makes a statement with political or social commentary? Some people can’t resist a nerdy T-shirt with their favorite show or game on it. There are many things your T-shirt could say about you.


Smarten Up with a Jacket


If you want a quick way to smarten up a T-shirt, putting on a jacket is the speediest way to do it. The smarter the jacket it, the more you can elevate your outfit. Try a bomber jacket if you want to keep things fairly casual. Or perhaps a leather biker jacket if you want to go for a rock chick look. A smart blazer can quickly turn a casual T-shirt into something suitable for the office or for a night out in a sophisticated bar or restaurant. Experiment with color and contrast too and find the right look for you.


Add Jeans and Heels


A T-shirt and jeans is a tried and test combination. It’s the perfect casual outfit, but you can also dress it up a bit if you want to look smarter. Firstly, choose the right pair of jeans. Your oldest and most comfortable pair might not be the best choice if you’re trying to look a bit smarter. A pair that fits you well and looks good with your chosen T-shirt will help you put together a great outfit. A pair of heels can make any outfit more sophisticated if you choose the right ones. Paired with your jeans, you can lengthen your legs and stand taller.


Layer Up with a Button-down or Cardigan


Sometimes, you need an extra layer, but it’s not warm enough for a jacket. Jackets are a bit too bulky sometimes too, and you don’t necessarily want to wear them indoors. For a lighter layer, try a button-down shirt or a soft cardigan. You can cover up your arms but leave the shirt or cardigan open so you can still show off your T-shirt. It’s a good option during season changes too, especially in the spring or fall. If you get to warm, you can take off a layer and it’s easy to carry around in case you get cold again.


Get Pretty with a Skirt


T-shirts can also look fantastic paired with skirts, whether you want to be fairly casual or a bit more sophisticated. A pretty skirt can change the look of your outfit completely, even if you’re wearing a pretty casual T-shirt. If you want to make your shirt pretty too, you can choose something with some sparkly beads or sequins, or perhaps some embroidery or a delicate design. A midi skirt is a great choice but you can experiment with different lengths and different shoe options too.


A T-shirt can be much more than just a simple shirt if you know what to do with it. Try experimenting with different things to create your perfect outfit.

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