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Essential Tools You Need To Start Cutting Hair

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Essential Tools You Need To Start Cutting Hair

Cutting hair is a great way to save money when you’re doing it yourself and make money if you’re doing it for other people. Before you can get started with either project, though, you’ll need certain tools to be successful. Keep reading to learn about some essential tools you need to start cutting hair.

Ergonomic All-Purpose Shears

Shears are some of the most basic tools you’ll see in any hairdresser’s salon, so you’ll need at least one pair. All-purpose shears around six inches in length are ideal since they’re not too long for precision cutting but are long enough for jobs that require bigger shears, such as deep texturizing. Try to find ergonomic all-purpose shears to protect your hands, especially if you plan on cutting your hair often since that will require long stretches of time using the shears.

Comb Set

You’re going to need a good set of combs for almost any hair job you do. Combs will help you create clean lines for sectioning hair off, control the hair while you cut it, and allow you to style it easily. Look for a set with the following four combs: a tail comb, a short cutting comb, a long cutting comb, and a wide cutting comb. Also, make sure to choose a set that is heat resistant so that you can use it in conjunction with hot tools, such as blow dryers and hair curlers.

Hair Clippers

While shears and combs are great for long hair, hair clippers are essential for short hair cuts and fades. You’ll probably need to invest in different blade attachments and guards so you can cut hair to the desired length and create the desired style, but those purchases are worth it if you consistently need a trim yourself or are hoping to service other people, especially those in the military and law enforcement.

Blending or Thinning Shears

Blending and thinning shears are incredibly similar, so you can choose which one you prefer to add to your tool arsenal. You can use either option to remove weight from hair, soften lines, or add texture. The biggest difference is in the blades themselves: blending shears have one blunt blade and one blade with teeth, while thinning shears have teeth on both blades.

Ergonomic all-purpose shears, combs, hair clippers, and blending or thinning shears are some of the essential tools you need to start cutting hair. Whether you’re trying to professionally manage your own locks or hope to cut other people’s hair, these tools are essential to doing the job right.

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