How To Get Fuller, Longer Lashes

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Whether you are getting ready for a big event or a fun night out with your friends, striking and voluminous lashes can be amazing accessories! Did you know that we can easily create fuller lashes with the help of pro makeup tips and a few simple steps? Because the art of gorgeous lashes goes beyond just applying one layer of our favorite mascara! Join our 4-step guide and master the science behind crafting fuller and longer lashes.

Step 1: Curl Your Lashes

Our first step may not come as a surprise to most.

  • Let’s begin by curling the lashes with mechanical lash curlers.
  • This step will lift the natural lashes, give the illusion of bigger eyes and help us apply our mascara.
  • Place the curler right at the root of the lashes and curl for 30 seconds on each side.

Bonus Tip: Curl the lashes in soft pumping motions to help lift them with gentle motions.

Step 2: 1st Coat of Mascara

With our lashes curled, we can move on to the mascara.

  • Take your go-to mascara and begin applying the first layer.
  • Coat both the top and bottom lashes with the mascara.
  • Try applying the mascara from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes to give a lifted appearance.
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Step 3: Powder On Your Lashes

Are you ready for our secret trick?

  • After your first layer of mascara, powder your lashes with loose powder and a flat eyeshadow brush.
  • By applying the powder we can add fullness and thickness to our long lashes.
  • Dust off the excess powder with a clean fluffy brush or your fingertips.

Step 4: 2nd Coat of Mascara

And here’s our final step!

  • Following the powder, let’s go ahead and apply the second layer of mascara.
  • This step will ensure thicker lashes that last longer throughout the day!
  • Coat your top and bottom lashes for the second time and watch your eyes dazzle!

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