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The question of who we are is as old as humanity itself. In fact, it’s the kind of questions that are worth asking yourself throughout your life. After all, the person you were as a child is not the person you are today. Your dreams, your hopes, your fears and your motivation evolve as you gain in experience and years. The little girl who dreamed of living in a castle with her very own pony has now moved on to developing desires of a professional or artistic career, far away from the dream of her childhood. Or maybe you’ve met someone you used to know and suddenly, you’re trying to figure out why you don’t get on with them anymore. People change, and their perceptions of life can shift as a result. So when someone asks you who you are, ultimately, they’re asking a lot more than to know your name. It’s about your message. It’s about finding yourself and learning to love yourself with every transformation and new idea. It’s about your essence. Who are you inside?


A constant question: What do I want to share?

Finding your voice is a problem that is most common for bloggers, as it is their essential role to make their voices heard and known. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that it’s also a question that touches everyone who cultivates an online presence, whether it’s a blog, social media platform or even a forum account. Should you create a new profile or site when you realise that your message has changed as a result of growing older and collecting more experience? It’s a tricky question but, ultimately, the safest and most honest way to embrace your digital presence is to let it grow naturally. It doesn’t matter if two years ago you were talking about topics that don’t interest you anymore today. This is precisely what real life is about, and your followers/readers will appreciate your candid honesty.


A constant struggle: Why can’t I love myself?

Self-doubts are part of everybody’s life. Whether you don’t like your nose, your body shape or simply are worried about a few pimples on your face; you can find it difficult not to let doubts define who you are. There are many solutions to help you tackle these issues that can affect your self-esteem and your identity, from life-changing surgery with to effective makeup tutorials online. It’s essential that you actively address the elements that you dislike in your body or personality. You can’t truly share who you are if you are afraid to embrace your whole self.


A constant doubt: Am I as good as I can be?

It’s true that you want to improve throughout your journey through life. You want the person you are today to be wiser and stronger than the person you were when you started the journey. But while it is a sane approach, it can turn into an unhealthy obsession if you let your negative inner voice determine your worth. You are, and will always be, the best version of yourself at any given time.


How do you find yourself? You don’t. You just build yourself through experience, time and self-love.


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