Homemade: Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

Homemade: Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

No better tradition officially rings at the start of the holiday season like gathering around and decorating your Christmas tree. Each year, you bring out the adornments and, as a family, help your holiday greenery look its best with your favorite ornaments and garland.

However, you might find that your holiday prop needs a festive refresh. It might be a fantastic time to journey outside your comfort zone and explore some unique DIY Christmas tree ornament ideas that can switch up the look of your décor.

Vintage Paper Ornaments

Using cardstock and several chic, vintage ornament outlines, create shapes with scissors or craft knives. Afterward, use craft punches to cut smaller shapes to attach embellishments. Attach metallic pipe cleaners to your ornaments and let dry. Punch a hole in the top of your new decorations to hang with a ribbon.

Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

If you want to pull out all stops this season, consider laser cutting your ornament designs. You can create wintry snowflakes and other frosty adornments to paint and personalize with your young ones.

Gradient Ornaments

Instead of relying on plain, solid-color baubles this year, you can incorporate fun swirls with a bit of spray paint to elevate their appeal and presence.

Iridescent Gold Splatter Ornaments

This colorful alternative requires your choice of acrylic paint colors and plenty of clear glass ornaments. It’s vital to note that a small amount of paint goes a long way on the glass sphere. Afterward, add your gold flecks of paint by tapping a brush on your finger to disperse the color.

Bejeweled Ornaments

This quick DIY idea involves adhesive jewel accents and patience. You can arrange the jewels to your liking to create sophisticated patterns that add a touch of sparkle to your festive arrangement.

Unique DIY Christmas tree ornaments are unique and full of character. These lively alternatives offer personalized opportunities to dress up your holiday greenery with impressive ideas regardless of your craft skill.

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