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It’s important to know how to be a good and competent pet owner. This can help you stay active and observant when issues arise. Catching problems early is often key when it comes to sustaining the health of your animal, as it’s not often the case that they can express this to you in clear terms. It might be that some things are easier to spot than others, but all need to be found in order to ensure your pet stays healthy.


For a new pet owner, this can seem like an overwhelming responsibility. However, it needn’t be. With the following tips, you’ll be sure to find issues when they first crop up by watching your pet effectively and finding the most suitable solution in a matter of moments.


Checking Dental Hygiene


One of the main considerations you should check often is the dental hygiene of your pet. An issue gone unnoticed can often lead to very difficult things in the long term, and this can not only hurt your pet, but lead to potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars of dental repairation. A gum disease, issue with teething or other form of infection can prevent your pet from keeping their appetite. It’s not hard to see why this is less than ideal, and how this can cycle downwards.


We’d recommend checking the mouth of your pet once every few days, or once a week if possible. You can also notice issues when they leave their food, or if they seemingly whimper when being fed treats. Sometimes they might not show symptoms sat all, and that could mean you should start:


Checking Business Habits


Of course, by this we do not mean your dog’s tendency to drive your car in a three piece suit and attend the job role of their choice. That would be very useful we’re sure, but of course it’s unlikely your dog holds a full time working position. What we mean are the garden trips your pet takes. A pet conducting its business is important to observe, and don’t worry, they’re not concerned with privacy.


If you notice they have unhealthy habits, such as seemingly going all the time, or not enough, you might find they have an internal disease that’s affecting their digestive tract. Also, it’s not enjoyable to think about, but consider a quick glance when cleaning up. It’s quite obvious when problems exist, and for this reason you might decide to stock up on worming tablets, or visit the veterinarian immediately. We’re hesitant to suggest a timeline of inspection here, but be sure that you consider this a possibility on a relatively frequent basis.


Checking Coat


A long coat can often be a breeding ground for tiny pests, and can also hide issues with the skin underneath. Many issues can occur, such as rashes, bites, nasty infections or even something relatively benign that still needs maintenance, such as the prevalence of skin tags on neck regions. Inspecting your coat with a pair of rubber gloves can help you find any growths or any other issue that might be occurring. This is useful when bathing your animal, which should take place quite frequently. You can also find issues here by how they behave when touched, or if they are continually unhappy to be in the proximity of anyone else. There are many coat maintenance products out there, from powders to creams to tonics, but it’s always best to consult with your vet before conducting any new treatment.


Checking Appetite


It’s always going to be very apparent when your pet lacks an appetite. It’s not uncommon for pets to stop eating for whatever reason. This could signify almost all of the issues listed here above, but also be aware that pets can suffer from emotional issues, and it’s not always apparent why. Be sure that you consider the stress levels of your animal, the general comfort they have in your home, and the relationship they have to other animals around them.


It might also pay to simply switch up the food they are introduced to, and help them feel more engaged with their general diet. There might even be a problem with overfeeding, which can happen if they routinely snack during the day with abandon.


In Summary

In summary, pets can develop many health issues over time, just like humans. If you keep a loving eye towards them and treat them as a member of your family, you will soon realize just how wonderful they are and continually nurture and support them with these simple tricks.

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