Kristofer Buckle 5-piece Vanity Kit – Review

Kristofer Buckle 5-piece Vanity Kit – Review

I received Kristofer Buckles 5 Piece Vanity Kit before Christmas and that was perfect just in time for some Holiday looks! I have to say that the products are absolutely exceptional.

One of my favorites in this kit is the setting spray I think it does very well with how it goes on and as a refresher. In my opinion, all of the products have a richness to them. A real saturation of color that really works immediately. The liner is amazing.  I Repeat…amazing! Wow!

The foundation is so creamy and wonderful. I do mix it right now, but I love having that option. Add it to what you already use. It is portable and feels great. The lipstick feels high-end and the color is just stunning. 









Final Thoughts: It’s a very nice kit, I would recommend it if you’re looking for an overall makeup kit!




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