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Ideas for Creating Non-Traditional Wedding Timelines

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Ideas for Creating Non-Traditional Wedding Timelines

A typical wedding timeline roughly follows the ceremony first, then pictures, reception, drinks, dinner, speeches, etc. However, there are no rules for planning a wedding; the day is for you and your partner, so celebrate however you see fit. Gather ideas here and create a non-traditional wedding timeline that suits how you intend to spend the day with your new spouse surrounded by loved ones.

Begin the Morning Together

Some people might be superstitious and say you can’t spend the night with your partner and wake up with them on your wedding day, but this whole article is about everything non-traditional. Plan for your wedding morning whichever way you like, but spending the morning together, no matter how brief, can help you start the day on the right foot. Don’t spend the whole morning together, but go for a walk, eat breakfast, and spend quality time together before separating to get ready.

Have a “First Look” Photo Shoot

You can never have enough photos and portraits of you, your partner, the wedding party, and guests taken at your wedding. A memorable idea for a photoshoot involves capturing the moment you and your partner see each other for the first time. Document this special moment with privacy before the guests arrive; these will be some of the best photos taken from your wedding day, and you’ll want to remember them forever.

Alleviate Nerves and Have a Cocktail Hour First

A cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony? It sounds crazy, but there is no need to jump right into the deep end and tie the knot the minute the last guest arrives. Your nerves might be getting the best of you, and the quickest way to loosen up everyone’s nerves is by having a small cocktail hour before the ceremony begins. This gives your guests room to arrive on time and socialize before getting to the main event.

Greet Your Guests Right Away

The goal for any couple on their day is to make the wedding unforgettable, and choosing a non-traditional wedding timeline will make the day special for you and your guests. At an ordinary wedding, you might greet and thank guests after the ceremony precedes. Greeting your guests and thanking them before the ceremony and when they arrive creates more engagement and develops and friendly atmosphere for the entire day.

Many people forget that weddings are not cut and dry. Everyone celebrates differently, and there is nothing wrong with choosing to spend your big day in other ways than your peers. In the end, as long as you and your partner are happy, the rest won’t matter.

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