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Is Your Child Ill? 5 Ways To Spot A Faker

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As moms, it’s our prerogative to look after our babies and make sure they are fit and healthy. It’s what parents everywhere sign on for when a little bundle of joy arrives. In fact, it’s the first thing in the “How to be a Good Parent” handbook, pg1. In a lot of ways, it sounds easy because it isn’t hard to tell when a child is off color. However, this doesn’t take into account their sneaky, manipulative behavior.


No mom ever likes to admit it, but kids are great at deception, especially when it comes to being ill. Somehow, even though they struggle to tell the time, they understand how a mother feels when they hear the words “I think I’m sick.” It makes moms proud and a little worried at the same time!


As evolution kicks in, it’s tempting to believe everything they say and let them stay at home for the day. It’s only one day that they can make up during the year. But, a lousy routine can lead to unhealthy habits. Plus, it encourages a negative attitude. So, here are the ways to tell if your son or daughter is a big, fat liar!


They Love Watching Movies


Sometimes, kids think their parents are the ones who are ten years old. They will blatantly watch a movie they have never heard of before – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – and then try and recreate it the morning after. Yep, they’ll copy everything from the clammy hands to the elaborate pulley system that makes it seem as if they’re asleep. And, if this sounds too basic for your child, wait until they come across the countless films that center on skipping school. There is no way to monitor what they watch all of the time; no parent would want to endure the hassle or the boredom. But, it’s obvious they are plagiarizing the great work of John Hughes if there are glaring similarities to the movie. If you aren’t a fanatic, has a list of the things kids and adults alike can learn from watching the film. Think of them as cliff notes to help you keep up with your scheming child.



There Are No Secondary Symptoms


It’s easy to say “my head hurts” and kids figure this out at a shockingly young age. The issue is that only they can tell whether they have a sore head or an upset stomach. And, if they are telling the truth, you don’t want to send them to school with it blowing out of both ends. That would be the embarrassment of all embarrassments. An eyewitness account is evidence enough if they are dealing with nausea and diarrhea, but what if there isn’t anything as obvious? What should a mom do then? Play it smart and give them the benefit of the doubt… by searching for secondary symptoms. You don’t need a degree in medicine to understand that the pupils contract and the skin goes pale when the body is fighting a virus or bacteria. Another telling sign is their appetite. Anyone who has been ill knows that eating is the last thing on their mind. So, if they tuck into a bowl of cereal, they aren’t as sick as they think.



It Happens On Big Days


Children aren’t immune to stress. In fact, they feel it as acutely as adults do even though they have a pretty simple life. To them, though, a test is the be-all and end-all because they think it impacts their future. They’re yet to gain perspective, which means the small things can have a big impact. When stress gets too much, they look for ways out rather than tackling the issue head-on. Go to today and you’ll find a direct explanation as to why they attempt to miss exams. Also, there are other reasons as to why kids try to bunk off school. Again, this is by no means subtle so it isn’t difficult to see their agenda. Do be watchful for them showing the signs of illness two to three days before to an event. Kids aren’t stupid and they understand that moms won’t buy their charade if it’s too obvious.


There Are Deeper Problems


Sometimes, kids aren’t prepared for a test, or they can’t be bothered going into school. Everyone needs to blow off steam now and again, right? On the whole, these are cosmetic reasons that are pretty straightforward to correct. For example, you can put their mind at ease about the importance of their test results. Or, you can let them relax at the weekend without putting pressure on them to get out of the house. A topic such as bullying, however, cuts a lot deeper. No one wants to think about their child getting mistreated, but some kids enjoy tormenting people. And, this is a major reason why kids don’t want to go to school. Let’s get one thing straight – because they are faking it doesn’t mean they’re victims. Still, don’t dismiss out of hand. Instead, look for signs – marks, social media messages, etc. – and then broach the topic. Check out for more red flags.


There Are No Complaints


Don’t get it twisted; they won’t take the decision lying down. Well, they may do because they’re “ill,” but you get the meaning! The tell-tale sign is when they arrive home after school. The majority of kids aren’t great at faking it for a full day. Once they’ve been busted, they meekly carry on until they’re out of the house and then forget. As they walk through the door in the afternoon, there will be zero signs of illness. In fact, kids don’t even waste time pretending. Don’t bring it up because it will influence their thinking. Instead, make a mental note of their miraculous recovery and see what the morning brings. The odds are they won’t try the same shtick but, if they do, remember yesterday’s performance.


And the Academy Award for the best faker goes to…?

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