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When you’re a busy working mom, getting a good work and life balance may seem like a bit of an elusive goal. But in reality, it can definitely be something that can be possible. You just need the right know-how, determination to make it work, and it can be possible. So if you feel like you are constantly running around on errands, or you’re forgetting to get certain things done, then it is time to make a few changes. You want to enjoy life, even if it is a busy one, and not feel like you’re constantly rushing or forgetting certain things. So here are a few tried and tested ways that all working moms need to know about.


Have a Career You Love


It can be hard going out to work each day when it is not something that you enjoy, and is something that you find hard. It will make being away from the kids harder, and will make you feel quite negative if it isn’t something that you don’t enjoy. So whatever it is, from working somewhere like the Assisting Hands car homes, to being a marketing guru, or accountant, you need to enjoy what you do. So that might be your first step to think about; is there a career change that could make your working life happier? Or do you already enjoy what you do?


Sometimes Work and Home Need To Mix


Some people will tell you that they don’t want work and life to mix, and they will never check emails at home, for example. But in reality, it can make your life simpler when they do cross over slightly. Got to pay bills or sort something for your child’s school? Then why not do it on your lunch break at work? Need to plan your week ahead at the weekend to check if you’ll be able to pick your daughter up from dance class? Then check your emails and schedule things while you have the time. It is a constant juggling act, but it can simpler when they are combined slightly.


Keep Mornings Simple


Mornings can be busy times, and a little stressful if we’re honest. So don’t give yourself more to do. Don’t put the laundry on or try to sweep the floor. When everyone is tired and cranky it is unlikely to go well. Instead, focus on getting ready and getting the kids ready. That is all you need to do on a morning. No science projects. No baking. Getting out of the house.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


There can be some small things that can really wind us up if we let them. That can make us feel bad and like we’re not doing more, or make us angry or stressed. Who needs that kind of thing in their life? So the PTO only arranges meetings in the daytime? It just means you don’t get to go, but what of it? You can get an update from someone that does. It isn’t anything personal.

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