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VISION MARKETPLACE | Solotica Natural Colors Cristal

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Hello Fearless,

You all know I am a fan of the Hidrocor Collection, today though I decided to try the color Cristal from the Natural Colors line from Vision Marketplace.

On their own, the solotica natural cristal lenses don’t appear very opaque, giving the impression that they will not be able to cover dark brown eyes, which caught me by surprise at first. However, on the eyes, the contact lens is very opaque and cover brown perfectly!

On my medium-dark brown eyes, the solotica lenses look super natural and very opaque, perfectly covering my eye color without looking too unnatural. In natural window lighting, the solotica lens held true to being fully opaque.

If you have worn color contact lens before (especially Asian brands) and you are looking for lenses that look 100% natural and cover dark brown eyes perfectly then I highly recommend these! They gave me that natural greyish blue eye effect without looking fake, the contact lenses last 1 year, have prescription levels and are fairly comfortable!

The only downside, is that your paying for the quality. These lenses don’t come cheap, However, Vision Marketplace has the best price out there and they are giving my blog and social media followers a discount with my CODE: Fearless … I say it is fully worth it if you’re looking for the best most natural looking lenses.



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