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Portrait of happy carefree black woman enjoying coffee break in Paris.

We all have different skin complexions and skin tones that require specific beauty products and makeup techniques. As deeper skin tone gals, we are always looking for ways to accentuate our natural complexions and enhance our rich undertones. Thanks to the right application techniques and MUA tricks, we can perfectly complement our deep skin complexions. Join us as we explore the 3 simple makeup tips that will flatter our deep skin tones like an absolute dream!

Enhance Your Brows

Enhancing our natural brow shapes can help frame our face structures and add depth to our overall features.

  • A brow pencil is all it takes to find your perfect brow shape.
  • To find the best length of your brows, align the brow pencil along the side of your nose and the outer corners of your eyes.
  • For the best arch placement, align the brow pencil to the center of your pupil.
  • Outlining your brow borders using a brow pencil.
  • Then, fill in those delicate hairs using pigmented brow shadows.
  • Complete your brow look by shaping the hairs using a clear brow gel.
Woman applies mascara to her eyebrows.

Use Highlighter

If you love a healthy glow, then adding a highlighter is the way to go!

  • Warm-toned and golden-colored highlighter shades work best with deeper skin tones.
  • Take a mirror, and observe where the light naturally hits the tips of your cheekbones.
  • Start by placing your golden highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones.
  • Next, apply small amounts of the pigment to the upper brow bone for that lifted-eye effect.
  • Finish the highlighter look by placing a shimmer on the center of the forehead and the bridge of the nose.
Black african american woman doing make up, holding brush.

Solid Lip Color

And the last makeup tip for deep skin tones is to opt for solid lip colors.

  • Highly-pigmented solid lip colors are the perfect match for our rich skin complexions!
  • Deep red, burgundy, mauve and brown tones work amazingly with deeper skin tones.
  • Start by shaping and filling in the top and bottom lips using a lip pencil.
  • Then, coat the lips with a matte or liquid lipstick shade.
  • Place small amounts of foundation around your lips to truly accentuate the lip borders!
Black woman applying red lipstick on her lips

Focus on the brows, cheeks, and lips for that picture-perfect makeup look! Did you love our simple makeup guide on deep skin tones?

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