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Run In The Sun… Exercising Options To Get You Out Of The House

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Of all the various options when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, from the numerous diets out there, to the latest approaches to exercising, we can underestimate the impact getting outdoors has on us all. So, with that in mind, what sort of exercises can we do to help us get out of the house, and not just rely on the old yoga mat and home gym?


Cycling is one of those great ways to get an all-over workout because it’s something that can push us to our limits, but we can also choose the difficulty of the terrain to cycle on. Be aware, if you are heading out on the open road, and there’s a lot of traffic around, accidents do happen! While there is always a bicycle accident lawyer around to help with the legal side of things, it’s best to keep yourself sufficiently protected, especially if you are going out late at night, by wearing safety helmets, but also making sure you are going on cycling routes that you know inside and out.


Cycling can be quite a high impact exercise, but hiking is one of those ways to get your body accustomed to various terrains. Hiking is such a great way to challenge your body in a gradual way, but also, your ability to breathe is also tested. Because you are hiking up mountains or hills that are higher up than you’re used to, you have to learn to adapt. Not to mention the fact that when you reach the summit of any mountain or hill, the view is always spectacular. But when you begin hiking, make sure you do it gradually. It can take some time for you to get yourself up to speed, but it’s a very addictive pastime.


And when you’re looking for a whole body workout that’s low impact, but pretty intense, swimming is the best of them all. You have to use your entire body to get yourself across the pool as quick as you can, but your breathing quality is pushed to the very limits, making it ideal for asthmatics. There’s not really much else that can be said about swimming that hasn’t been stated before. If you don’t go swimming much, it’s time to push yourself that little bit further!

Outdoor Intensity Training

And if you are looking to go hard or go home, high-intensity interval training is one of the best ways to give your body an absolute kicking. That beware, it’s one of the most difficult things anyone can ever do as far as exercise is concerned. That if you are prepared to give a 110%, either by doing Tabata sprints or similar interval training, you will feel the benefits, and you will get a lot fitter.

While working at home has its benefits, we can feel a lot more of them when we get outside. Remember, our body needs to be kept guessing, and by mixing up our workouts, this is the best way to do it. We can get bored of our usual workout routines, so, take the opportunity to get outside; your body, and your mind, will thank you!


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