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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Whether you’re dreaming of your future engagement or actively searching for the perfect ring, looking at some of the most popular ring designs will help inspire you. Learning the right terminology to describe the type of ring you want will help once you visit the jeweler. All ring styles can look good, even the simplest designs. Start planning the engagement of your dreams by looking at some of the most popular engagement ring styles.

Simple, Effective Solitaire Rings

When most people envision an engagement ring, they picture the single gemstone solitaire ring. These basic rings allow for more focus on either the wedding ring or the large gem on top. There aren’t any bells and whistles on this ring—just a beautiful precious metal band that cradles a gemstone in its prongs.

Sparkling Pavé Rings

If you’re searching for a simple design, but not quite as simple as solitaire rings, look at pavé rings—single bands with a gemstone on top, but with gems on the sides, too. Pavé is the French term for “paved,” which describes the way that the gems decorate the sides. The gemstone-encrusted band typically stretches about halfway down the ring on either side. But you can get it shorter to preserve simplicity. For smaller diamonds or gemstones along the band, consider micropavé rings to keep the attention on the main gem itself.

Twist Style Rings

For brides-to-be who require exquisite beauty to be part of their partner’s engagement ring considerations, twist-style engagement bands provide elegance and luxury. These interlocking bands come together in a slight helix formation and allow for one pavé band, both pavé bands, or no pavé bands. A petite twist is a closer twist with less of a gap between the high points of each curve, while an infinity twist has a more obvious gap between the two strands.

Once you have a better idea of the type of engagement ring you want, you can get back to plotting out your unforgettable wedding with the partner of your dreams or reality. Make sure to communicate with your partner about whether you’d like one of the most popular engagement ring styles or something unique—otherwise, you may set yourself up for disappointment!

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