Tips for Cleaning Your House More Efficiently

Tips for Cleaning Your House More Efficiently

Between taking care of your kids and juggling the responsibilities of your day-to-day life, finding the time to give your house a good, proper cleaning can be challenging. It can be time-consuming and especially difficult if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, so to help save you some of that time for yourself, here are some tips for cleaning your house more efficiently.

One Task at a Time

Many people clean one room at a time rather than perform one task at a time. Sticking to a single chore at a time, such as first vacuuming the entire house, will help reduce feelings of monotony and tedium—that way, you won’t feel like you’re trapped doing the same cleaning cycle over and over again. You’ll also make better time cleaning the entire house one task at a time instead of constantly switching out tools and equipment in every room.

Home Upgrades

Sometimes, the best thing to do is update your home with materials that are easier to clean. For example, tile is one of the easiest materials to clean because the surface is non-porous and very smooth, meaning you can simply wipe away dust and liquids. In fact, you can even find self-cleaning glass tile for greater convenience and ease. Burnished wood is another material that’s easy to clean because a designer has smoothed its surface by hand instead of simply coating it with lacquer.

Clean Your Tools

One of the best tips for cleaning your house more efficiently may seem extremely obvious in hindsight. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to clean their cleaning tools and equipment after repeated use. Dirty mops, brooms, rags, and more will significantly slow down the cleaning process by making as much of a mess as the one you’re trying to clean up. Even if you wipe away the superficial dirt and grime, you may be leaving behind all sorts of bacteria.

Make It a Team Effort

If you’re struggling to watch your kids and clean the house, then combine the two by inviting your kids to help you out. It may seem like a drag at first—after all, no kid likes chores—but you can turn cleaning into a fun game by adding some friendly competition or the promise of a reward if they do a good job. Some kids just like to emulate their parents and will want to help clean simply because you’re doing it.

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