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Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Home in the New Year

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Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Home in the New Year

Many people look to the new year as a start of new change. Some may learn a new skill, vow to improve their lifestyle, or even work on changing their habits. The new year brings endless unique opportunities, and your home is full of them! Check out some affordable ways to refresh your home in the new year that will set the tone for a fresh beginning.

Deep Clean and Organize Your Space

Of course, cleaning and decluttering your home is one of the most obvious ways to refresh your home. Sometimes you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new, and if outdated furniture, décor, and storage aren’t helping the scenery, maybe it’s time to part ways.

If you’re in the market for new furnishings, consider multi-functional options that not only serve as seating but can also store trinkets, blankets, and other items you might not want visible right away.

family cleans the room

Introduce Color to Your Area

You can introduce color into your home to remix its feel in several ways. Maybe a few vibrant throw pillows to attract the eye to a living space or a bright, funky rug to transform your usual bedroom setup?

You can also add color to your abode by repainting any room in the area because what better way to liven up your space than a new paint job?

Rearrange Your Furniture

An effective way to introduce a new look and feel into your home can lie in a notion as simple as rearranging your furniture. Switching up an area’s setup gives you a new perspective on its tone and message while making it seem like you’re looking into a room for the first time.

Happy black couplereplacing furniture in their new apartment

Switch Up the Artwork

After a while, you tend to stop noticing the décor in your home and the imagery on your walls. Wall art can bring a room together; however, you might want to consider mixing things up by swapping those framed works with new ones to breathe life into the area.

Paint Your Front Door

Many homeowners rely on first impressions to boost their home’s curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on your front door does more than boost your home’s curb appeal; it refreshes your entryway’s appearance and even boosts the resale value of your residence.

welcoming Front door entrance painted a bright yellow

Install New Door Handles

Would you like to know what complements your front door’s new appearance? Shiny, new hardware! Door handles are an ignored detail in many homes yet are a quick and affordable way to modernize an entryway.

Add Path Lighting

Add a bit of romance to your outdoor area or walkway with path lights to illuminate your home’s most appealing points. Solar-powered lights are best since they absorb energy during the day to provide a subtle yet attractive glow.

A new year is a fresh start for yourself and your space! Using these affordable ways to refresh your home can start you off on the right foot and give your abode a new look to match the tone of a new beginning.

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