Using Commercial CBD Pain Relief

Using Commercial CBD Pain Relief

For all that Millennials like to carry on about Boomers, this generation actually deserves some of the credit for the fact that many Americans (and slowly the rest of the world) are able to use hemp-based CBD oil and creams for pain relief. 

Why take this apparently controversial stance?
They may have turned all conservative in the 80s, but what did we really think would happen when the flower power generation started to feel those aches and pains in their aging bones (read this)?

Culture Shift and the Rise of Getting High

Yes, the youth of any age likes to believe that they are responsible for a dramatic change in cultures, and they are, but in this instance, you have a lot of the people who are in power who may never have actually smoked pot in their heyday, but likely remember many, many, instances where friends and associates reported on the pain relief properties of cannabis. 

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In fact, there have been several documentaries made about just this idea. With an older generation creating edibles and regulating their self-medication to provide amazing relief from arthritis, as well as muscular pain, cancer pain and general aches. This has led to not only excellent research, allowed for the standardization and regulation of products that are sold for medical purposes.

This means that products like the CBD relief cream sold by are actually what they say they are.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that cannabidiol is safe and has no negative associations, particularly when looking at side effects or the risk of addiction. This is great news for those looking to use CBD. Thankfully, it is now possible for consumers and businesses alike to purchase CBD. For consumers, there are plenty of online retailers of CBD oil. The same can be said for businesses, as they can now find wholesale CBD oil for sale online as well.

So unlike other medications, it has some incredible positives going for it. Of course, people just don’t use CBD oil for recreational use.

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