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Beautiful Looks With White Eyeliner

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cheerful ethnic woman with white eyeliner

Any MUA will gladly tell you how versatile white eyeliner can be. From brightening the eyes to creating an instant eye-lift, knowing how to apply white eyeliner is a beneficial skill to have. It’s also the perfect beauty product for all of us busy-bees on the go!

Join us as we design 3 beautiful looks with white eyeliner and see just how simple these steps are!

Look 1: Bright Outer Corners

Let’s begin with a look that is perfect for brightening the outer corners.

  • Take your pigmented white eyeliner and begin applying it to the lower lash lines.
  • Focus the pigment only on the center and outer areas of the waterline.
  • This technique will help cancel out the redness in the eyes and brighten the outer edges.
  • Apply your favorite mascara and some highlighter and your look is complete!

Look 2: Instant Eye-Lift

Next, here is a gorgeous look that will instantly lift the eyes.

  • With your white eyeliner pencil, begin outlining the lower waterlines.
  • This time, coat the entire waterline starting from the inner and going to the outer corners.
  • Next, take the white pigment up to the upper inner corners of the eyes.
  • By bringing up the white eyeliner, we lighten the eyes and create an instant lift!

Look 3: Full Eyeliner Look

And now, let’s take a look at the full eyeliner look.

  • Again, let’s take our white eyeliner and place the pigment on the lower waterline.
  • Then, let’s take the pigment up to the inner corners and upper lash line.
  • Next, let’s create a continuous line and design a full eyeliner look.
  • This bold white eyeliner look is perfect for creating a unique and brightening eye makeup look that captivates attention!

White eyeliner is an amazing beauty product that can help you fashion a variety of fun looks and designs. But our tips don’t stop here! Subscribe to this blog and get the latest on makeup tips and more!

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