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Makeup Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner 

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woman applying makeup

Let’s be honest – we all love a good makeup trick that helps us save time, energy and money! But it seems like helpful makeup tips are sometimes hard to come by. If you’ve been looking for pro-MUA tips and tricks – then you’ve come to the right place! Join us as we take a look at the 3 makeup tips you wish you knew sooner, and how these simple steps can take your application techniques to the next level! 

Powder and Foundation

A flawless base can instantly elevate any makeup look. 

  • Mixing loose powder with foundation is the perfect way to a streakless makeup base. 
  • Begin by applying a few dots of your foundation on the back of your hand. 
  • Then, dip your foundation brush into loose powder and place the powder on top of that foundation. 
  • Blend these two makeup products to create a unique mixture. 
  • Dab the mixture on your face with your brush or your beauty sponge. 
  • This mixture will create a flawless base that does not cake or streak at the end of the day. 

Lifted Appearance

Next, let’s see how our concealers can help us design a lifted appearance. 

  • The secret is to apply the concealer in a V-shape formation. 
  • Begin by placing your concealer on your under-eye area.
  • Instead of focusing the product only on the dark circles, create a V-shape with the concealer. 
  • Next, blend the product with your finger or beauty sponge. 
  • This makeup tip brightens the face and helps us look more alert in the morning!
Woman with natural makeup applying corrector on flawless fresh skin, put concealer under eye area.

Gorgeous Glow

Last but not least, let’s create a gorgeous glow!

  • For this makeup tip, you will need a highlighter, setting spray mist and a beauty blender. 
  • Start by applying your highlighter to the tips of your cheekbones, nose, and forehead. 
  • Next, spritz the setting spray mist to add moisture to the face. 
  • Finally, using your beauty blender, dab the mist and highlighter for a seamless glow. 
  • This makeup trick is perfect for spring and summer!

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