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beautiful blonde girl with dark lipstick

There is something about a dark lip look that simply screams glamour! Maybe it’s the rich pigment or the sharp outline. Surprisingly enough, creating that flawless dark lipstick look also has its own steps and techniques! If you want to master the art of the dark lip, design a lip look perfect for events or simply add another technique to your MUA resume, then join us as we guide you through the dark lipstick cheat sheet!

Exfoliate The Lips

Let’s begin with a smooth lip surface. 

  • Begin exfoliating the lips using a clean toothbrush.
  • This technique removes dead skin cells on the lips and adds an overall glossiness to the lips. 
  • Repeat this step once a week to achieve the smoothest lips!

Foundation Lips

Up next, let’s create a neutral base. 

  • Buffing our lips with concealer or foundation is the best way to create a neutral base. 
  • Take your foundation and apply 1–2 dots on the top and bottom lips. 
  • Blend the pigment using your fingers and your lips are ready for the dark pigment. 

Lip Pencil

Now, let’s outline our lip borders.

  • The key to any dark lip is having sharp lip edges and corners. 
  • Begin by outlining and shading the top and bottom lip with a dark lip pencil (we recommend the Mac Lip Liner in Plum). 
  • Design a sharp cupid’s bow for that eye-catching dramatic effect!
Lipstick Cheat Sheet
Mac Lip Liner in plum

It’s time for our dark lipstick shade!

  • For this step, let’s apply our lipstick with a clean lip brush. 
  • This lip brush will help define the lips and add depth to the lip corners. 
  • Make sure your lip brush also coats the inner corners and deeper lip grooves!

Set The Color

Now that we have our pigment down, it’s time to set the color!

  • Take a translucent powder or dry tissue paper to set the dark lipstick color. 
  • Place the powder or the tissue on top of the lips to remove excess pigment. 
  • If too much of the product is removed, reapply the lipstick and fill in the gaps. 

Lip Gloss

And the last step is all about lip gloss!

  • By adding lip gloss on top of our rich pigment, we can take our dark lipstick look to the next level. 
  • Add a small amount of clear lip gloss to the center of the lips. 
  • Buff the product using your clean fingertips for that seamless finish!

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