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Make-up set

No matter if you are traveling, getting ready for a night out, or simply cleaning out your makeup collection, having the perfect makeup kit is essential for designing breathtaking looks. Contrary to popular belief, we only need a handful of beauty products in our makeup kits to create versatile finishes. And so, join us as we explore what makes the perfect makeup kit!


  • Primers are important for setting and prepping the face for makeup.
  • Applying primers can ensure your makeup lasts all day long!



  • The right shade of foundation can enhance your natural skin complexion. 
  • Choose a foundation that also works well with your skin texture and tone. 


  • Include a concealer in your kit to cover up dark under eye circles or imperfections. 
  • One dot of concealer can hide blemishes, redness or acne spots!


  • Setting your foundation with loose powder can create a long-lasting makeup base. 
  • Place a light layer of setting powder before moving on to the eyes or cheeks. 



  • Have 2-3 blush shades in your makeup kit for versatility. 
  • Applying blush to the cheekbones and temples can create bold makeup looks!


  • Adding bronzer to the temples, forehead and cheeks can design a sunkissed finish. 
  • Mix your bronzer with your blush and you’ve got a winning combo!


  • A bit of highlight on the cheekbones and inner eye corners can go a long way. 
  • Complete your cheek makeup with a dash of highlight on the tips of the cheekbones. 


  • Applying just mascara to the eyes can instantly lift and enhance your eyes. 
  • Include a pigmented mascara in your makeup kit and be ready to rock any look. 


  • Have a small neutral-toned eyeshadow palette in your makeup kit. 
  • Different eyeshadow combos can design versatile eyeshadow looks. 


  • Fill and shape your brows with an eyebrow pencil. 
  • Simply glide on the creamy pigment and shape your brows to pure perfection. 

And with just 10 makeup products, we have our professional makeup kit complete!

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