Best Lipstick Color For Your Dress

Best Lipstick Color For Your Dress

Mixing and matching makeup with fashion can instantly elevate any outfit or look. Here is our simple guide to choosing the best lipstick shades for our dress colors.

Red Dress

A red dress will remain a classic in the world of fashion.

  • Blood orange, warm brown, and maroon-colored lipsticks work best with red dresses.
  • The darker lipstick pigments will complement the vibrancy of red dresses.
  • Begin by outlining your lips with a creamy lip liner.
  • Then, fill in the lips with a matte lipstick shade.
Red evening dress

Yellow Dress

Bright yellow dresses are true summer staples.

  • Raspberry, nude, and blackberry lipstick shades were made to match golden dresses.
  • The lighter pigments will act as accessories to the bright yellow fabrics.
  • Start by outlining the lips with light lip liner shades.
  • Next, apply a satin lipstick shade or lip gloss.
African american woman in yellow dress

Blue Dress

Blue dresses are all about bringing drama and pizazz.

  • Match the boldness of blue dresses with orange-red, deep red or peachy brown lipstick shades.
  • The key is to go for cool-toned lipstick pigments that will complement the blue hues.
  • Again, begin by tracing your lips with lip liner.
  • Then, coat your lips with a matte cool-toned lipstick shade.
long haired brunette indian woman in blue dress with her handsome boyfriend

Pink Dress

Last but not least, let’s see which lipstick shades match youthful pink dresses.

  • Plum, Fuschia pink and cranberry lipstick colors work perfectly with baby pink dresses.
  • The darker tones of lipsticks will create stunning contrast.
  • Line your lips with a dark shade of lip liner.
  • Then, apply a liquid lipstick formula to bring out the boldness of the lip pigments.
Fashionable african american woman wearing pink dress

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