Double-Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Double-Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Double-winged eyeliners are the ‘it’ makeup trends we love to see on our social media platforms. Join us as we learn how to master the art of the double -winged eyeliner in just 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Create Upper Wing

Let’s begin by creating the classic wing shape on our upper eyelid.

  • Using liquid eyeliner, begin drawing a thin liner across your upper lash line.
  • At the outer corners draw a sharp triangle shape.
  • Fill in the triangle shape to create the wing shape.

Step 2: Lower Arrow

With our upper wing complete, let’s focus on our lower lash line.

  • With your liquid liner, draw a thin arrow near the lower lash line.
  • Take your middle lash line as the starting point and extend the arrow to meet the upper wing.
  • Think of this arrow as a mirrored line of our original wing..

Step 3: Fill The Arrow

Now, let’s fill out the arrow.

  • With the same liner, fill in the arrow space on the lower lash line.
  • Try to match the size and shape of the upper and lower wings.

Pro Tip: This is the perfect time to fix any imperfections with a damp Q-tip.

Step 4: Outline

We are very close to rocking the gorgeous double-wing eyeliner!

  • Let’s trace an outline near the lower lash line to bring out our eyes.
  • This outline will take our double-wing liner to the next level.
  • Make the outline as thin or as thick as you would like, and we’re done!

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