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How To Make Your Forehead Appear Smaller

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A young woman applies foundation on her face, morning makeup.

Clever beauty tips and tricks can help us transform our appearance. In this article, let’s explore the 4 useful makeup techniques we need to make our foreheads appear smaller!

Step 1: Highlight The Forehead

Let’s begin by accentuating the center of our foreheads using a shimmery highlighter.

  • Begin by applying the highlighter to the center and sides of the forehead.
  • With a clean highlighter brush, slightly blend out the product to meet the temples.
  • The sideway blending will shorten the height of the forehead.

Step 2: Conceal Dark Circles

Next, let’s cover up the dark circles.

  • This makeup trick is all about brightening the eyes.
  • Apply the concealer to the under eye areas and blend with your clean fingertips.
  • With your beauty sponge, blend the concealer up toward your temples to create a more chiseled appearance.

Pro Tip: Add blush right below your under eyes and temples to make your cheeks appear more sculpted.

Step 3: Make Your Nose Appear Thinner

Now, let’s contour and slim our noses.

  • We can balance out the height of our foreheads by making our noses appear thinner.
  • Take your contour and apply the pigment to the sides of your nose.
  • With your beauty sponge, blend out the contour shade and add a highlight to the bridge of the nose.

Step 4: Conceal Double Chin

Last but not least, let’s conceal our double-chins and elongate our necks.

  • First, let’s apply concealer to cover up any imperfections or red spots.
  • Next, using our contour, let’s slim down the sides of our necks.
  • This makeup trick will elongate our necks and bring the focus to the center of the face.

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