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Brush vs. Blender: The Real Difference

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Makeup Brushes Set

If you have trouble choosing between makeup brushes and beauty blenders, then you are not alone! Let’s compare the pros and cons of brushes and beauty blenders, and see which makeup tool is superior in its own right.


Makeup brushes are notoriously some of the most versatile beauty tools on the market.

  • Brushes come in diverse shapes and sizes, making the choice effortless.
  • Larger brushes work best when applying products to larger areas of the face.
  • Smaller, angled brushes are perfect for precision and accuracy.
  • These tools are great for powder-based products, like contours and setting powders.
  • Brushes also don’t soak up too much of the product.
  • It’s recommended to wash makeup brushes once every two weeks.
  • If you are looking for precision and light coverage – makeup brushes are the way to go.

Pro Tip: Investing in high-quality makeup brushes is always a good idea. Top-quality brushes have softer bristles, tend to last longer and are easier to blend with.


Now let’s explore all the benefits of using beauty blenders in our makeup routines.

  • Although small in size, beauty blenders are multi-purpose beauty tools.
  • Foundations, blushes, contours, and powders can all be applied with beauty blenders.
  • Blenders are better at blending out the products and heavy pigments.
  • Liquid and cream-based products work well with beauty sponges.
  • Blenders also work better on dry skin, as they can cover dry patches and flakes.
  • Speaking of even coverage, blenders create smooth and even finishes.
  • It’s recommended to wash beauty blenders once a week.
  • If you want heavier coverage and an even coating – then beauty blenders are the preferred choice.

Pro Tip: Dampen the beauty blender before applying makeup, as damp beauty sponges blend better and don’t soak up as much product.

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