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Essential Ways To Create the Perfect Country Wedding

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Essential Ways To Create the Perfect Country Wedding

Country weddings are great because they feel inviting and not uptight like some weddings can. They allow guests to let loose and have fun. The ambiance typically feels rustic and refined, giving you a lot of different ways to decorate. These are a few essential ways to create the perfect country wedding for your special day.

Picking the Venue

What kind of venue should you be choosing? You’re going to want a venue that provides the same country-chic vibe as your wedding theme. There are many rustic barns people have transformed into gorgeous wedding venues.

You can even get married outside if it’s the right time of year. Try a gorgeous tent next to a lake or a wooded park. Both are beautiful options that won’t break up your aesthetic.

Rustic Decorations

Pull the whole thing together with rustic and shabby-chic decorations. Embrace the country life and opt for wildflowers for your bouquet. Provide hay bales for your guests to sit on during the ceremony or cocktail hour. An excellent idea for a warm day, print the wedding programs on fans. Set up wheelbarrows full of ice with refreshments for guests to grab and enjoy.


For a country-style wedding, aim for soft, subtle lighting. Nothing too bold or over-the-top. Try wrapping old ladders in twinkle lights. Lanterns are another brilliant light source for rustic weddings. You can wrap mason jars in lace with small candles in the center or a small strand of lights.

Wedding Attire

A country wedding is all about comfort. Have the groomsmen wear nice jeans and a button-down shirt instead of a tux or suit. The bridesmaids can cinch their dresses with a fun, rustic belt. And don’t forget the cowboy boots! There is a wide variety of cowboy boots out there. You can even find them adorned with bling and lace. You can order the boots online or make a trip to the store together.

You can let guests know via invitations to come dressed in their country finest as well. Have a contest for whoever wears the best belt buckle to the wedding.

Weddings are all about the couple, so don’t allow yourself to get lost in trying to create the perfect wedding. Whatever you decide will be perfection, and if you need some guidance, essential ways to create the perfect country wedding are here to help.


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