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5 Different Ways You Can Use Your Lipstick

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Top view of various lipsticks on white background. Flat lay.

It’s always fun to experiment with new makeup tricks and techniques. Follow us as we explore the 5 different ways we can use lipstick and how we can spice up our everyday makeup looks.


Lipstick pigments have been used as blushes for centuries on end.

  • Light pinks, corals and orange shades work best for this makeup hack.
  • Simply place two dots of the lipstick pigment on either cheek.
  • Using your clean fingertips, begin blending the pigment into the cheeks.
  • With gentle motions, drag the product up to the cheekbones, to create that sculpted effect.

Color Correction

Up next, let’s use lipstick as color correctors.

  • Color correctors are makeup products that can cancel out dark unde-eyes and hyperpigmentation.
  • Red, orange and peach lipsticks can act as complementary color correctors when applied under the eyes.
  • Place the lipstick pigment under the eyes and blend the product with your fingers.
  • Then, apply your-go concealer over the lipstick, as you normally would.


Now, let’s talk about lipstick contour!

  • Cool-tone browns and cool-town dark mauve lipsticks are perfect contour shades.
  • First, glide the lipstick under the cheekbones.
  • Then, blend the lipstick shade using your contour brush or beauty sponge.
  • Dab away the excess pigment with blotting paper.


It’s time for our gorgeous eyes to shine!

  • We can use lipstick as bold eyeliner pigments.
  • Dip an angled eyeshadow brush into a liquid lipstick shade of your choice.
  • Then, apply the pigment to the upper lash line.
  • For extra pizazz, draw a Cat Eye wing on the outer corner.


Last but not least, let’s create fun eyeshadow looks with our lipstick shades!

  • Lipsticks can design effortless creamy eyeshadow looks.
  • Simply apply the lipstick shade to the eyes using a flat eyeshadow brush.
  • Mix colors and textures to create unique eyeshadow looks and finishes.
  • Complete the eye look by adding a bold lipstick eyeliner wing at the outer corner!

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