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How to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

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Young woman is covering acne by applying liquid foundation with makeup sponge looking into mirror

It’s probably reasonable to assume that having acne is a miserable experience. We have all experienced the abrupt appearance of tenacious zits on our faces at some point in our lives, whether we were teenagers or adults. Acne scars are not only unsightly and sometimes excruciating, but they also tend to leave behind permanent marks. The good news is that there are ways in which we can cover up the scars left behind by our acne. Acne scars will soon be a thing of the past if we only use a few select cosmetic products and remember these three expert makeup artist tips.

Foundation and Blender

Let’s begin with our makeup base. 

  • Combining foundation with beauty blenders is the perfect way to start our acne scar makeup routine
  • The key is to use damp beauty blenders that soak up less product and create even coverage.
  • Apply a few pumps of your foundation onto the sponge and blend the product on your face. 
  • The beauty blender and foundation combo help crease streakless makeup bases!


Next, let’s focus on concealers. 

  • Concealers are helpful beauty products that cover dark circles, red spots, hyperpigmentation and acne scars!
  • The best way to apply concealer to our acne scars is by using eyeshadow brushes. 
  • Begin by placing the concealer on the areas you wish to cover.
  • Then, blend and buff out the product using a flat eyeshadow brush. 
  • The bristles of the brush will help the concealer blend into the skin more effectively!

Loose Powder

Finally, it’s time to set our makeup in place!

  • The last step is to use translucent or loose powder to seal our foundation and concealer. 
  • Start by dipping a clean blush brush into a generous amount of loose powder. 
  • Place the powder on top of the foundation and concealer-covered areas. 
  • Dust off any excess powder using a clean brush and our acne scar routine is done!

Notice an acne scar forming? Use these 3 simple makeup steps to cover acne scars! For more helpful makeup tips and tricks, visit our makeup section.

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