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False Eyelashes

Long and striking lashes are always on our wish list, because what’s better than having that extra boost of confidence? But did you know that picking the right set of false lashes is a pro skill to have? Matching your eyelashes to the rest of your makeup can instantly make you look and feel better. Follow our simple guide to picking out false eyelashes and you’ll soon be a pro at putting them on.

Strip Lashes

Let’s begin by exploring strip lashes.

  • Strip lashes are premade lash sets that can be attached to natural lashes with removable adhesive. 
  • These lash sets have a quick application process and are great for everyday use. 
  • Strip lashes have a lot of volume and pigment, with no need for mascara or eyeliner. 

Lower Lashes

Now, let’s move on to lower lash sets. 

  • Along with upper lash fills, lower lash falsies can enhance any makeup look. 
  • These falsies are great for bold eyeshadow looks that captivate attention. 
  • Simple pop on these lower lashes and complete your eye makeup in seconds!

Full Volume Lashes

Next, here is a lash set that is all about the drama.

  • If you love to dazzle everyone in sight, then the ful-volume lashes were made for you!
  • These lash sets are the go-to for extravagant events and Instagram-worthy selfies. 
  • Full volume lashes have longer hairs and don’t require any mascara!

Individual Lashes

Are you looking for something more classic?

  • Individual lashes look very natural and are great for the office, work or school. 
  • These smaller false lashes can be added to the outer corners of the eyes for that lifted appearance. 
  • If you are just starting out your false eyelash journey, then individual lashes may be the best first step.

8D Mink Lashes

And last but not least – here are the true showstoppers of the lash world. 

  • The unique 8D mink lashes are thick and long in shape. 
  • These false lashes are the perfect choices for more vibrant makeup looks. 
  • Apply the 8D mink lashes and watch as your eyes become the VIPs of the party!

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